Carmen Arruda – Mobile Notary Public

Carmen Arruda is a Notary Public available for notarizing documents for private use or public recording.  As a veteran real estate agent and employed by a nationally-known title company, Carmen Arruda is an excellent resource for those needing Notary Public services for their real estate closing documents.


* Apostilles and Legalization**

* Certifications and Authentications**

* DMV Traffic School Final Exam

* Durable Power of Attorney

* Bank Power of Attorney

* Certified Copy of Power of Attorney Power of Attorney

* Living Trust Documents

* Certification of Trust

* Advanced Medical Directives

* Passport & ID Copy Certification

* Personal Statements & Travel Letter

* Pension & Retirement documents

* Promissory Notes

* Pre-Marital Agreements

* Name Changes

* Domestic Partnerships

* Dissolution of Marriage

* Acknowledgements

* Affidavits Jurats

* Oaths, Sworn in for Testimony

* Affirmations

* Signature by Mark

* I-9

* Assignments

* Lien Releases

* Compliance

* Judgments

* Deeds & Deeds of Trust

* Deeds of Easement, Quit Claim Deed

* Deeds Releases, Grant Deeds

* Interspousal Transfer, Joint Affidavit

* Birth, Marriage & Death Records

* Foreign Adoptions

* Immigration Bonds

* Copy Certification by Document Custodian

* Bill of Sale

* Leases

* Incorporation’s

* Homesteads

* Business Partnerships & Taxes

* Purchase-Sells & Hard Money Loans

* Amended Tax Returns

* Refi’s, HELOC’s

* Residential Loan documents

* Real Estate & Investment Documents

* Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness

** Personal and Business Documents, CFG, Assignment

As a notary Public, Carmen Arruda can witness and authenticate the signatures of individuals presenting appropriate forms of identification.   If you need help with other forms of real estate or other documents, please call Carmen’s office for details.

Carmen Arruda

Contact Carmen Arruda For Immediate Assistance.

Call (425) 830-7070

If You Need A Mobile Notary Public, Please Call Carmen Arruda.


So, if you’re contacting Carmen Arruda about her mobile notary services, chances are you have some important legal documents to sign.  Although as we can see from the above list, there are all kinds of documents Carmen Arruda is authorized to stamp for you, there are a limited number of transactions that she does this for on a regular basis.  That’s because Carmen Arruda is a title insurance agent and she is focused on helping people with their real estate closing documents.
If you have a real estate transaction that you need to close soon, you may very well benefit from Carmen Arruda’s help. 

Carmen Arruda can do a lot more for you than just notarize your documents.  She can help get everything lined up, including title insurance, so that your transaction goes smoothly.  When the inevitable glitches occur, as is common whit most real estate transactions, Carmen Arruda will help you work through them.  She can call on her extensive list of contacts, and say, “This is Carmen Arruda, we need your help!” and the right resources will jump to help your deal close properly and on time.

That’s what Carmen Arruda does – she gets thing to happen.  She is a problem solver.

If you need an excellent real estate problem solver on your side, who is more than just a good notary public, then Carmen Arruda is the title insurance agent you should call.  If you need references, Carmen Arruda has a long list of people who will vouch for her.  She prides herself on excellent customer service and her goal is your complete satisfaction!

Carmen Arruda is more than happy to assist you f you have a real estate deal that will be closing soon, and you need some help going over the final paperwork.  She will answer your questions. C armen Arruda knows that other people don’t work with these complicated legal documents and giant stacks of paperwork every day like she does.  Carmen Arruda is happy to take the time to go through everything with you to make sure you understand what you’re signing.  Carmen Arruda is great at answering your questions, so why don’t you call today and ask!

So What Will Happen When Carmen Arruda Helps You With An Escrow?

First, Carmen Arruda opens escrow when she obtains a signed copy of the purchase and sale agreement. Then Carmen Arruda will order a preliminary title report which she will review and also furnish copies of to the lender. Then Carmen Arruda or your real estate agent will request Payoff documents from the seller’s bank, so they can determine how much money needs to be paid the bank in order to retire the existing mortgage. Once this information is in hand, Carmen Arruda will review it, along with other information, such as escrows for taxes and insurance, as well as other fees and costs associated with the closing, and put all these figures into the closing documents. This is when the “closing” usually occurs. Carmen Arruda enjoys this time as she often gets to meet the buyers and sellers of a property if they come in to sign their documents personally. Once Carmen Arruda has obtained all necessary signatures as well as funds from the buyer, the closing can take place. Title transfers and the old mortgage is paid off. Carmen Arruda will give you a call to let you know that you are the proud owner of a new home!


Call (425) 830-7070

If You Need A Mobile Notary Public, Please Call Carmen Arruda.

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